Finally the big update you've been waiting for! As you can see there is still quite some work to do. We renewed al the floors one by one. Walls had 
to be reinforced and so on... So many onforeseen troubles that are probably normal for a big renovatian like this one. We finnally finnished the electricity 
and all other pipes. Only some extra isolation that has to be placed and we are ready for those long awaited white walls!

* My future studio! Can't wait to work here! * bedroom, dressing and bathroom * kitchen and dinningroom * living room*

7 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, it looks amazing, and that huge skylight!! I also really love the old staircase.

  2. Wauw, wat zal dat straks een ruim, licht, authentiek huis zijn. Hou vol!

  3. Zooo herkenbaar, die tegenslagen. Maar mooie ruimten! En stappen vooruit!

  4. Wow, c'est vraiment frappant. Mais c'est dommage que vous aimez les murs blancs. J'aime le look de la brique. Avez-vous une solution pour les gouttières ? J'ai trouvé une maison à Québec, mais les gouttières sont brisées.

  5. wow, what is the brand of your bed linen please?? (oversize me)

    1. The bed linnen with the grid design comes from Hema. It's a Dutch shop that also sells here in Belgium. They have an online shop but I'm not sure they ship to other countries{behema_be3635}%2Fcategories%3C{behema_be3635_be4085}%2Fcategories%3C{behema_be3635_be4085_be3709}&fh_secondid=pbe_5772225: