Stairs and floors.

We went back to the house and took one last good look at it again. Where slowly starting with the demolition works. While H. is breaking out floors
I keep myself busy with renovating an old dresser.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. oh this looks like an amazing place!
    and lovely shoes u have :)

  2. it must be such an exciting time for you to plan your new humble abode x i always like a good mix of old + new finishings together.. like those lovely brick walls x

  3. oh, ik ontdek net je renovatieblog! ik vind dat het er al mooi uitziet zonder renovatie :) maar misschien wat frisjes in de winter...

  4. bedankt voor de comment! (welke van de twee vind jij de beste?)

    die tweede pic hier is geniaal !! nice